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Our primary goal is to enhance the sustainability of sports events held within Protected Areas, while investigating their environmental impact.

The inspiration behind SOSParks arose from observing sporting events organized in Partner Countries' Protected Areas. These events often take place in inadequately mapped areas, during sensitive seasons for local fauna and flora, and rely on highly polluting disposable products. Unfortunately, they often lack awareness of the environment and fail to recognize the crucial role we all play in promoting sustainable development while safeguarding biodiversity for future generations.

By hosting sports events within protected areas, which are known for their environmental significance, we seize a valuable opportunity to promote environmental education. Our aim is to disseminate environmental principles not only among participants and organizers but also within local communities, schools, families, and individuals with disabilities or elderly members. These events become much more than just sporting occasions; they transform into educational platforms that convey the values of the Green Deal, the European ecological transition, respect, and solidarity. We strive to overcome barriers related to disability, cultural differences, social disparities, economic gaps, and discrimination at large.

Furthermore, our focus on environmental education allows us to create "events within the event" that foster socialization. In doing so, we aim to alleviate the sense of isolation and loneliness amplified by the pandemic.

Central to our project's success is the development of the "Guidelines of Sports Events in Protected Areas." These guidelines will provide essential recommendations for environmental protection and promote environmental education activities. By adhering to these guidelines, we can make sports events in protected areas more sustainable and contribute to a healthier planet.

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