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Press & Press Conferences


3 February, 2023

Introducing SOSPARKS 

Rocca di Mezzo (Aq), Italy

In an exciting news for environmental conservation and the sports, SOSPARKS project was officially introduced at a press conference held at the esteemed headquarters of the Sirente Velino Regional Park at 3 February 2023.

The press conference, attended by key stakeholders and partners, highlighted the critical need to enhance the sustainability of sports events taking place in protected green areas. With a shared commitment to environmental preservation, the partners emphasized the importance of examining the ecological impact of such events. By raising awareness and promoting sustainable practices, SOSPARKS aims to revolutionize the way sports and nature coexist.


During the event, partners took the opportunity to share their expertise and experiences, which will play a vital role in shaping the future of the project. Their collective insights and deep-rooted dedication to sustainability ensure that SOSPARKS will be guided by the best practices and proven strategies in the field.

The Sirente Velino Regional Park Authority, known for their unwavering commitment to the preservation of natural resources, provided a gracious setting for the press conference. Their warm hospitality and ongoing support underscore their shared vision for a sustainable future. The collaboration between SOSPARKS and the Sirente Velino Regional Park Authority promises to yield innovative solutions and inspire positive change in the sports industry.

As the project gains momentum, it is evident that SOSPARKS has set its sights on transforming sports events in protected green areas, prioritizing ecological responsibility and environmental education.


16 February, 2023

Kickoff Meeting

Bachau, Romania

In an enthusiastic kickoff, the SOSPARK project was launched in Bachau, Romania, on February 16, 2023. Partner organizations came together to lay the groundwork for this ambitious endeavor. During the meeting, project guidelines were presented and constructive discussions were held, incorporating valuable feedback from all participants.

The highlight of the day was the signing of the project charter, symbolizing the collective commitment of the organizations involved and marking an important milestone. The event concluded with the planning of future activities, with special emphasis on the highly anticipated 'Sport in Nature' program. This initiative aims to encourage a deeper connection with nature and promote an active and sustainable lifestyle.

Excitement fills the air as the SOSPARK project looks forward to continuously updating its guidelines and making a positive impact. This endeavor holds great promise for fostering collaboration and generating transformative outcomes. Stakeholders eagerly anticipate the upcoming developments that will shape a brighter future through the SOSPARK project.

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