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Guidelines of Sports Events in Protected Areas

This handbook offers practical best practices to organizers, teams, and stakeholders, promoting environmental awareness and fostering sustainable sporting legacies in ecologically significant landscapes

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guideline 1

Education for Sustainable Sports Events in Protected Areas

This guide on environmental education promotes sustainability by cultivating a culture of ecological responsibility across various age groups through active learning and effective communication.

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You can access the detection grid and questionnaires for sports associations, park management, and athletes here for download.

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For Athletes

The athlete questionnaire is a valuable and user-friendly tool for sports associations to educate athletes about sustainability, offering insights into their habits during sports activities and contributing to the environmental sustainability of events within protected areas.

Download Questionnaries for Athletes

for Parks

For Protected Parks

The questionnaire is a self-analysis tool for parks and protected areas, evaluating efforts in enhancing sports events' sustainability. European experts can use it to aid park entities in planning actions for greater sustainability.

Download Questionnaries for Parks

for Sport Associations

For Sport Associations

Sports associations can self-assess events using the questionnaire, with European experts leveraging their skills to support and enhance the associations' commitment to sustainability.

Download Questionnaries for Sport Associations

Education for Sustainable Sports Events, Activity Cards

Download the Cards

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Activity Cards

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